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However, I was soon to find a very different book. One in which the bias Mr. BeDuhn spoke of in the bible, now makes it into the Methodology for accuracy itself.

While Mr. BeDuhn took his viewpoint of the New Testament (NT) from a strict literary accuracy point of view, I see none of this in Werner's view of the Old Testament (OT).2/5(26). His book, On the Reliability of the Old Testament, is a well-known and oft-debated text.

He is seen as a conservative, but one with great academic credentials in the secular study of the Ancient. The Old Testament Is Accurate in Its Main Details As far as we can tell, the Old Testament is accurate in the main details that it records. This can be seen in the following way: The Nations Mentioned Actually Existed.

There are many different nations mentioned in the Old Testament. An Historical Survey of the Old Testament is a brief introduction to the Old Testament, written by Eugene Merrill, an Old Testament scholar at Dallas Theological Seminary.

The Good: This book did what it set out to do - provide a breezy walk through of the Old Testament and touch on most major subjects and issues that arise in Old Testament Cited by: 1. Meredith G. Kline, Is the History of the Old Testament Accurate?” in Can I Trust My Bible. Important Questions Often Asked about the Bible, with Some Answers by Eight Evangelical Scholars.

Chicago: Moody Press,pp. WHAT ONE THINKS about the accuracy of Old Testament history will be influenced by what he thinks about [ ].

Thank for the A2A from my good friend Quora User. I hope you will agree, there is a large group of people who believe in a dangerous fiction, and it's time to speak truth to the masses. There are many people who believe in this concept, yet, th.

The Old Testament has been shown to be reliable in at least three major ways: 1) textual transmission (the accuracy of the copying process down through history), 2) the confirmation of the Old Testament by hard evidence uncovered through archaeology, and.

The sacred writings of the Old Testament include not only the prophets and the historical narratives but also a collection of miscellaneous books, which are sometimes referred to as the Hagiographa. These writings cannot be dated with precise accuracy, nor can they be placed in the exact chronological order in which they were produced.

In comparison, our first manuscript copy of the Old Testament (dates from B.C.) comes about years after the original book was written (i.e. probably Malachi about B.C.). Also, we actually have o Old Testament manuscripts. The way Ancient Texts were Copied.

Ancient texts were not preserved by Xerox copy machines unfortunately. Here you can find quick, 3-minute guides to every book of the Old Testament. They’re listed in the order they show up in Protestant Bibles. Just click any book’s name, and get a high-level idea of what it’s about.

But don’t ever stop at these guides. Many able archaeologists and Old Testament scholars, both past and present, have accepted the historical accuracy of the Old Testament record.

Robert Dick Wilson was Professor of Semitic Philology at Princeton Theological Seminary during the s. In terms of general reliability the Old Testament comes out remarkably well, so long as its writings and writers are treated fairly and even handedly, in line with independent data, open to all.” From K.

Kitchen, On the Reliability of the Old Testament (Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans, ), This book contains a lot of great. Textual accuracy of the Old Testament text has shown in at least in four major ways: (1) The accuracy of the textual transmission (the accuracy of the copying process down through history).

(2). RonaldTaska For me, the “huge” problem, is with the most important part of the Old Testament, The Ten Commandments. God gives Moses a set of commandments and then, after the first set is destroyed, tells Moses that he is going to give him another exact copy of the first set only to give him a completely different set of commandments.

The Accuracy of the Old Testament Verified by the Dead Sea Scrolls Intwo shepherds accidentally found the first of the Dead See Scrolls while searching for a lost goat.

Over the course of a decadefragments constituting + documents were found in the eleven caves at Wadi Qumran in the Judean Desert of the West Bank. Your friend is making the point that the Old Testament is not good and accurate history.

I would counter with the argument that the Old Testament is the most accurate and reliable general historical account we have from the ancient world–bar none.

Again, I would refer you to the. The book covers pages on the Old Testament before one reaches his volumnious bibliography which includes the author's incisive commentary. Kitchen demonstrates that the Biblical Joseph could only have been sold into slavery for 20 shekels in Mesopotamia, as the Bible states, in the 18th or 17th Century BC when the price of slaves averaged 5/5(5).

The Old Testament (abbreviated OT) is the first part of the Christian biblical canon, which is based primarily upon the twenty-four books of the Hebrew Bible (or Tanakh), a collection of ancient religious Hebrew writings by the Israelites believed by most Christians and religious Jews to be the sacred Word of second part of Christian Bibles is the New Testament, written in the Koine.

Question: "Are the numbers in the Bible accurate. In Numbers –46, how could Israel have an army this size?" Answer: Critics often argue that the numbers in the Bible are not literal or are impossible to accept.

In the book of Numbers, for example, a census indicated that men twenty years old or older formed an army of more than(Numbers ). A Note on the Percent of Accuracy of the New Testament Text.

by Norman L. Geisler. Some have challenged the accuracy of the New Testament (NT) manuscripts based on a statement in our book A General Introduction to the Bible that inadvertently attributed to Bruce Metzer the figure that the NT is copied with percent accuracy.

However, this is an inconsequential criticism for several reasons. But now to our question, is the Old Testament record actually valuable and trustworthy for genuine historical information. A Biblical History of Israel.

The book A Biblical History of Israel (hereafter BHI) by Provan, Long, and Longman opens with a nearly page introduction that goes into this topic in. Inspired men quoted Old Testament Scriptures, and expected people to study and respect them as accurate, authoritative revelation from God.

Matthew ,7,10 - Jesus quoted Scripture to defeat Satan's temptations. Matthew - Jesus quoted the Old Testament as being the commandment of God, and He rebuked those who did not obey it. Observations on the Historical Accuracy of the Old Testament The fact that the main outline, as well as many of the incidental historical details, of the Old Testament has been confirmed by archaeological and historical sources is important for a number of reasons.

In addition to the New Testament declaration of the reliability of the Old Testament, the relatively new science of archeology has confirmed without question the historical accuracy of the Bible. Solid, documented evidence apart from the Bible confirms events. A brief summary of each of the books of the Old Testament Bible and their genre.

Genesis. The Book of Genesis uses narrative form to tell us God created the universe and our world. God then created man. Unfortunately, Adam and Eve did not.

The City of Hazor and Old Testament Accuracy By Wayne Jackson. The city of Hazor lay almost nine miles north of the Sea of Galilee. During the time of Joshua, it was a Canaanite stronghold in northern Palestine.

During the conquest of Canaan, as Joshua marched his army northward, he was confronted by a coalition of forces under the leadership. Science has a right to ask that, if men are seeking purely scientific information, they should turn to recent text-books in geology, astronomy, or the other {62} sciences.

But in the sphere to which Jesus and the New Testament writers assigned the Old Testament science cannot deny or seriously question its inspiration or permanent value. Understanding Archaeology Christianity is a historical faith based on actual events recorded in the Bible.

Archaeology has therefore played a key role in biblical studies and Christian apologetics in several ways. First, archaeology has confirmed the historical accuracy of the Bible.

It has verified many ancient sites, civilizations, and biblical characters whose existence was questioned by. 2) As an historical person, Daniel is mentioned in the book of Ezekiel (,20), and those brief descriptions are consistent with the data in the book of Daniel ().

(3) The ancient Jews believed that no books were added to the Old Testament after the time of the Persian ruler Artaxerxes ( B.C.) (Josephus, Against Apion ). The Case for the Reliability of the Old Testament (Free Bible Insert) J.

Warner May 2, Biblical Reliability, Writi Views We’ve been investigating the case for the reliability of the Old Testament by examining the process of transmission, the verification of archaeology and the appearance of fulfilled prophecy in the text.

The Book of Daniel Introduction to the Book of Daniel in the Bible. Daniel - Then these men assembled unto the king, and said unto the king, Know, O king, that the law of the Medes and Persians [is], That no decree nor statute which the king establisheth may be changed.

Then the king commanded, and they brought Daniel, and cast [him] into the den of lions. Get this from a library. The accuracy of the Old Testament: the historical narratives in the light of recent Palestinian archaeology.

[J Garrow Duncan]. Joseph P. Free and Howard F. Vos, Archaeology and Bible History (Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, ), 69– is also helpful, as is Alfred J. Hoerth, Archaeology and the Old Testament (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, ).

And yet, the Bible is amazingly unique in its “unity” – the Old Testament prefigures the coming of the Messiah documented in the New Testament, and the books of the New Testament continually refer back to and fulfill the writings of the Old Testament.

In fact, the Bible itself asserts that “ All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof. The Old Testament has 39 books total, which consist of A list of books with brief descriptions of contents.

Genesis - Creation, the Fall, the Flood, the spread of the nations, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Enslavement in Egypt.

Exodus - Enslavement, Moses, ten plagues, Passover, Leave Egypt, Red Sea Crossing, Mt. Sinai and the No. All the books of the Torah are in the Old Testament.

The Torah are the five books you probably know as Pentateuch. Now, there are differences between the Tanakh (the Jewish Bible) and the Old Testament, although they are more technical differ.

Historical Accuracy of the Old Testament. Posted on Ap by humblesmith. Old Testament scholar Walter Kaiser has written an excellent book titled The Old Testament Documents: Are They Reliable & Relevant. Among many other things in this book, Kaiser documents that secular historians and archaeologists have found independent.

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